Tori. 18. Ohio.

Anonymous: You're one stupid bitch. You are so ugly, i can't help but to laugh whenever someone talks about you or i see you're photos. You look like a whale next to you boyfriend. That's why he still fucks with his ex girlfriends when you aren't around. He deserves someone better than your snorlax looking self. My shit is better than you, stop trying to succeed because you never will. YOU ARE WORTHLESS, also why you don't have friends! LOL! Go snort some more pills and overdoes, please (:

Well, you’re obviously a puss because you posted anon, so I personally have no interest it what you have to say. Coward

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Astypalea, Greece, under the moonlight

pale n glow
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this is tripping me the fuck out

Where’s my LSD tab???